Lazy Saint

AAAaaaa!Happy Saint Sithney’s Day. Just a short one today, as I can’t find out much about him but he’s certainly worth mentioning. Saint Sithney seems to have been a friend of Saint Patrick. Maybe he was Irish, maybe he was Breton, I just can’t tell. He has a village in Cornwall named after him and his bones rest in the church there.

God told Saint Sithney that he was to be the patron saint of young women seeking husbands. Sithney thought that sounded like a lot of hard work. He thought young women seeking husbands would be always bothering him about all sorts of things; handsome men, wealth, fancy clothes… Sithney ungratefully replied that he would sooner be the patron saint of mad dogs. So God granted him his wish.

Interestingly his feast day is suspiciously close to a Roman festival on August 3rd called Supplicia Carnum (Punishment of the Dogs) which I didn’t mention yesterday because, as you can tell from the name, it’s not brilliant. Especially if you happen to be a dog. Although it’s fine if you’re a goose who enjoys dressing up.

While trying to find out more about Saint Sithney I kept finding reference to a well that mad dogs could drink from and be cured. I can’t find a single picture of it, so obviously he hasn’t done a very good job of looking after that either.

 I don’t think I would ever have troubled Saint Sithney for any of the things he was worried about. My dog, on the other hand, might need some help…


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