profile… about people,

… about history,

…about adventures,

… about a two years ago, my daughter was working away at the Edinburgh Fringe. We like to keep in touch, and, although she always had lots of exciting news for me, not much happens here in rural North Yorkshire. So instead, I started to look up those odd international observances. International  Beer Day. International Tree-Climbing Weekend. When I couldn’t find one, I started on saint’s days, people’s birthdays or just unusual things that had happened on each day.

I kept this up for most of August, then again in February during the Leicester Comedy Festival. Then I stupidly bet myself that I could find something for every day of the year and write about it. I started a blog on Tumblr in March 2015. I love doing it, I’ve learned such a lot of interesting stuff about loads of people that I never knew existed. Also, I’ve found so many links between the people I’ve written about that  I really wanted to make a blog that was a bit more searchable and easier to orgainise. So I moved it over to here in July.

This is a daily blog commemorating historical events. I mostly try to avoid tragedies (because they’re not brilliant) but if a disaster involves something spectacularly ridiculous then I’ll probably need to mention it.

I try to answer comments, but sometimes, I’ve discovered, some of them slip through into my ‘spam’ folder. So, if I appear to have ignored you, I apologise. Equally, I’m sorry if any genuine spam has slipped the other way. Mostly, they seem to be from people who really really want to sell you shoes. In case they have, I’d like to state, catagorically, that I think you should buy whatever shoes you like. It doesn’t matter does it?

If you subscribed to this blog any time between July 23rd 2015 and July 22nd 2016, I’m sorry that I’ve bothered you with this nonsense every single day. But I’m done for now. I’m not sure where I’m going next with all this information. Maybe ‘why today is brilliant’ the spotify playlist. Maybe ‘why today is brilliant’ the enormous Venn diagram. Maybe I’ll get around to making a podcast. I’ll let you know.

If you have been, thanks for reading…


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